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4. July 2022, 16:05
name : equipe regional de matéria administrativa da 5ª região gerenciamento da justiça comum (1º grau)

28. June 2022, 7:50
Mario : I was using this free software to edit a PDF, and then it stopped uploading the file I was working on. Why would that happen?

25. April 2022, 15:20
PDFzorro : You also can try our new free PDF-Online-Editor: lemonpdf.com

26. December 2021, 21:25
PDFzorro : Hallo PDFzorro Benutzer, wir wünschen dir ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest! PDFzorro wird weiterhin komplett kostenlos nutzbar sein. Ihr könnt hier jederzeit euere PDF Dokumente online bearbeiten. Schönen Gruß, Thomas

26. December 2021, 21:24
PDFzorro : Hi PDFzorro user, we wish you a Merry Christmas. We promise you, that you always can edit your PDF file with our online PDF editor for free. Best regards, Thomas

21. December 2021, 14:34
PDFzorro : Danke für eure Kommentare. Wir freuen uns euch dabei zu unterstützen in Zeiten von Home-Office einfach, schnell und kostenlos euere PDF Dateien online bearbeiten zu können!

14. December 2021, 22:24
stefan : gut

10. November 2021, 14:51
Rabeta : Rabeta

28. October 2021, 12:30
PDFzorro : We hope we can support you in your homeoffice. If you need something to do with a PDF that we do not offer yet, please contact us, we try to implement this feature in our Online PDF Editor. Best regards, Thomas

20. September 2021, 9:51
Roger : The apps is so helpful and user-friendly

6. July 2021, 10:38
Antonio Occhiochiuso : God bless you!

22. June 2021, 10:52
asdd : nice

10. June 2021, 10:51
PDFzorro : Hi Yelena, to get the words clickable or editable, the PDF must be an real PDF and no scanned PDF. With scanned PDFs the convert only works with pictures. Best regards, Thomas

8. June 2021, 0:29
Yelena : I love your program. And use it all the time. I need to do more now and convert PDF to Word. It is converting in your program, but apears as a picture and not editable word file. What can I do to make it clickable?

2. June 2021, 16:21
sdasda : dsads

16. May 2021, 19:48
Bradley : Every time I save it changes all colours on the document. Why is this? How can I stop this?? I have exported as a PDF, Word Document and it wont stop the changing colour.

16. May 2021, 19:48
Bradley : Every time I save it changes all colours on the document.

11. May 2021, 18:21
Marianne : Terrible problems today with your website. Two times I worked on my pdf, one time I tried to save it to google drive, I didn't work, one time I tried to download to the computer it also didn't work. Always appears an Error. Last time the system kicked me out completely.

27. April 2021, 14:41
Elias : It gets the job Done ! Very satisfied

13. April 2021, 14:44
name : nice working

26. February 2021, 19:08
PDFzorro : Shan, thank you very much for this compliment!

20. February 2021, 0:31
Shan Iqbal Adviser | YouTuber : I'm so much satisfied from your service and gonna make video about you, You are doing great and providing useful service. My channel is Shan iqbal Adviser & how to shan where I will upload video for you.. Keep it up

18. February 2021, 19:53
PDFzorro : Hi Adem, this should be fixed yet. Best regards, Thomas

25. January 2021, 9:56
PDFzorro : @nick: this is an old extension from us named "search in Google Drive". You have to remove this extension from your chrome browser. Take a look here, how you remove extensions: https://support.google.com/chrome_webstore/answer/2664769

24. January 2021, 3:20
Nick : I need to get this off computer as it pops up with EVERY web search. I tried reaching you at info@pdfzorro.com, but got a failure notice. Please help.

21. January 2021, 12:27
PDFzorro : Hi Shyam, we have updated our editor the last few days. In this period it could be, that the editor sometimes does not worked correct. Best regards, Thomas Mühlbauer

21. January 2021, 8:53
shyam : nothing to commment

13. January 2021, 14:08
PDFzorro : Since a few day our new layout is online. We hope you like it! Best regards, Thomas

6. January 2021, 21:33
PDFzorro : Carolyn, please send me an email to info@pdfzorro.com, then i can help you. Best regards. Thomas

6. January 2021, 4:04
Carolyn Anderson : I can NOT get this search off my computer keeps popping up every time I search or even go to a new website. Why? Can you please tell me how to get this mess off of my computer

20. December 2020, 17:14
PDFzorro : UPDATE: Now you can lock the PDF file when you have blackened or erased arenas. For this, the pdf file gets converted to an IMAGE and than back to a PDF. So on the blackened/erased area can not be restored. Best regards, Thomas

7. December 2020, 18:43
PDFzorro : Maury Landgreen, please send us an email info@pdfzorro.com, then we can help you. Best regards, Thomas

7. December 2020, 1:10
Maury Landgreen : I very much would like to get pfzorro of my google sites, I don't use pdf and it takes too much having to delet you program. NO Idon't like and do not it in terffering with my time in my computer. If you did the programmi g you have to be smart enough to do this. on a scale of 1-19 you rat e zero with me./

2. November 2020, 20:53
PDFzorro : Hi Marc, just try out our other editor: www.chromepdf.com. This editor has an other edit-system. Perhaps your file works in this editor correct. Best Regards, Thomas

2. November 2020, 20:52
PDFzorro : Hello Sytira, sometimes the uploaded PDF file is yet a little bit damaged. Then the file edit sometimes do not work correct. Best Regards, Thomas

24. October 2020, 3:23
Sytira : Error message when I dowload; also emailed it to myself pdf document was blank

16. October 2020, 19:01
name : delete

5. October 2020, 23:50
Marc : Cannot edit more than one page in my PDF document. After finishing the first page, the rest of the pages I select are blank.

28. September 2020, 11:38
Alexandra : ERROR: Convert failed! Only in Word, for another aplycations all is ok. What can I do for resolv this problem?

7. September 2020, 10:57
Alexander Mori Salazar : Excellent and really free!

30. July 2020, 7:14
Raj Thandu : PDF zorro is easy to use and it is reallllly free!

8. April 2020, 18:39
SoucaL : The whole message: Hello , i'm a french teacher and we are in COVID period ! My student have to fill PDF and are very young to use complicate tools, so I use your Tool, thank you very much. But I want to do more, i want to give a link that open directly the pdf in ZORRO ? Is it possible ? Good Job et thank you for this period, take care !

8. April 2020, 18:38
SoucaL : Excuse me .... so I use your Tool, thank you very much. But I want to do more, i want to give a link that open directly the pdf in ZORRO ? Is it possible ?

8. April 2020, 18:37
SoucaL : Hello , i'm a french teacher and we are in COVID period ! My student have to fill PDF and are very young to use complicate tools, so i use

3. April 2020, 22:10
Dean : After last win 10 update pdfzorro doesn't work as usual. I tried to erase the part I do not need and to write new info and after that I could not complete it.I could not save or finish the document. Please advise.

25. February 2020, 18:12
:( : Es una puta mierda de las buenas..

8. January 2020, 22:14
PDFzorro : George, do you mean this search: https://search.pdfzorro.com/ ?

8. January 2020, 22:13
PDFzorro : Hello George, can you please send me an email with the detailed problem, then we will try to fix it. info@pdfzorro.com

2. January 2020, 22:59
George Windsor : Hello, my pdf file search works fine until I use Zorro to merge my files. Then, search only works for some words not all. I am not sure if this can be fixed? Many thanks,

11. July 2019, 3:24
Martin : Great tool, keep up the good work!!!!

19. June 2019, 8:56
Feri : Hi. I am trying to clear my personal data from PDF files, but even if I hide it with the white rectangle or use the Erase tool, my data can still be searchable/copiable in the file, and if you highlight the blank area and copy it into notepad (or anywhere else) it reveals my personal data. Is there a way to solve this? Do you know of the issue? I have even tried encrypting the file with the padlock icon (ticked the 2nd and 3rd checkbox there), but this disabled the rectangle/Erase functions, and my personal data got revealed even from previously edited files! What should I do? Thanks a lot in advance!

27. May 2019, 10:09
PDFzorro : Hello Peter, we know that problem. The reason are damaged PDF files. The PDF file was damaged before edited with PDFzorro. So you can only edit it onetimes. The exact reason why it works the first time we dont know. A workaround is, to print the pdf file on your pc locally again to PDF (e.g. with PDFcreator), then you can edit your PDF agein with PDFzorro. Best regards, Thomas M.

27. May 2019, 10:07
PDFzorro : Hello Dianne, we have just tested to open PDF from GoogleDrive and to save a edited PDF to GoogleDrive. All works correct. Can you send me an screenshot of the error message? Best regards, Thomas

14. May 2019, 10:35

1. May 2019, 13:11
Dianne : Why doesn't pdfzorro use secure transmittals? Drive won't let me upload posters from your site. I love that pdfzorro replaces the background color in editing texts on posters. I have used it for a few years. I could use a tutorial though.

20. April 2019, 0:10
Peter : I cannot find your answer to this question: 27. September 2018, 14:05 Elisabeth : 'Hello, I've just successfully edited and downloaded a pdf file. Now, after an hour or so, I need to edit some more, but the uploaded file stays blank. Only on a few pages it would show me a line or two. I tried to upload it twice, but to no avail.' I have the same problem. Any ideas/solutions?

20. April 2019, 0:08
Peter : I cannot find your answer to this question:

18. March 2019, 10:16
PDFzorro : Hello Matski, the chrome extension do work again. The bug is fixed now.

16. March 2019, 22:48
name : erase

26. February 2019, 18:29
PDFzorro : Hello Matski, we work on an solution for this problem. Since the latest GoogleChrome Update this function do not work correctly anymore.

23. February 2019, 7:34
name : MEMBER# 7081087668453131

19. February 2019, 10:56
matski : hi , i am getting an error "Allow URL first!" , URL tab is enabled, please advise?

15. February 2019, 12:04
PDFzorro : Please try out with browser Chrome. There it works.

8. February 2019, 1:57
shaun : how to disable bold option. its not working

31. January 2019, 9:26
name : Ich

14. January 2019, 15:59
PDFzorro : Hello Prodin, sometimes - not often - a PDF file is damaged before uploaded. When this is so, the PDF can not be edited with PDFzorro.

28. December 2018, 18:48
prodin : when push finish/download occurs the error "failed to open pdf document". Can you help me?

10. December 2018, 12:49

9. October 2018, 19:59
PDFzorro : To remove files from cloud, login and click the optins button (tree lines button) neary by the login button and click "x" right of the file you want delete.

7. October 2018, 19:06
Spencer : how do I remove file from your cloud that I did not do at time of editing please?

27. September 2018, 14:05
Elisabeth : Hello, I've just successfully edited and downloaded a pdf file. Now, after an hour or so, I need to edit some more, but the uploaded file stays blank. Only on a few pages it would show me a line or two. I tried to upload it twice, but to no avail.

26. September 2018, 19:36
Louis : Man, your site is freaking awesome, I did a lot of them in the past hour and yours clearly the best in functionalities and pdf resolution respect. Keep it up ! (Only "bug", if you cut a part of a page and then do not save after moving the cutted part, it will be lost and the page is blank

25. September 2018, 21:59
PDFzorro : Hi Dorothee, can you try to print the pdf directly from the browser. Does this work?

24. September 2018, 12:08
Dorothee : Hello, the tool is fantastic and a great help --- but now that I want to print my edited pdfs, my printer refuses to print them. It says it does, only it doesn't. Unedited pdfs are printed, by Zorro edited ones are not printed. Can you help???

20. September 2018, 22:12

27. August 2018, 15:47
PDFzorro : Hi FCE, here you can read a tutorial: https://support.google.com/chrome_webstore/answer/2664769?hl=de

26. August 2018, 3:52
FCE : Hi, how can I erase PDFZORRO from Drive, it is not functioning properly.

1. August 2018, 18:14
PDFzorro : Hi Nick, sry, this function is not possible at the moment.

24. July 2018, 21:20
nick s : can you add signature image at all? or with 1 click button?

19. July 2018, 7:55
PDFzorro : Cathy, we can not say why your document now has a lower resolution. Perhaps you clicked the "compress PDF" button. There the filesize gets smaller. We have no other answer, sorry. We can not recover your file, they all get deleted.

19. July 2018, 7:52
PDFzorro : Hello, we delete all files after 2 hours automatically.

13. July 2018, 20:02
: are all files on the cloud deleted after 2 hours or do you keep certain files? do you ask for consent if you keep it?

11. July 2018, 20:30
Cathy : Sorry ... I was wrong. My book file I was editing with you was 41.4 MB . It was downloaded after I finished editing it at 12.6 MB. This resolution size is not acceptable to print. Again, can you please help? I want to print this book and not have the illustrations "fuzzy". Thank you.

11. July 2018, 20:07
Cathy : Me Again!!! Why did you accept my file if it wasn't going to stay the same? I am very frustrated. Please help.

11. July 2018, 20:04
Cathy : I successfully edited my document ... 41.64 KB. When I downloaded it, the size was changed to 12.6 MB. :( This change will make my work "fuzzy" as this is a children's book with words over the images. Can you help?!?

11. July 2018, 18:54
PDFzorro : Cathy, please try out the google chrome browser. There it should work correct.

11. July 2018, 18:35
Cathy : I can't get the text to UNBOLD after it has been clicked to BOLD. Please help!

7. July 2018, 20:04
name : how to remove

27. June 2018, 20:28

26. June 2018, 6:59
gman : get this crap off my chromebook

16. June 2018, 22:42
Mike : Is there a downloadable version of this? Ability to add blank pages comes in hadny when trying to print multiple pages into one sheet.

9. June 2018, 15:12
mike : program is worthless getting rid of it is now the nightmare

23. May 2018, 10:29
name : ogkihkoörujjk

17. May 2018, 21:58
PDFzorro : Hi Nadialias, the pdf is now removed, yet. They automatically get removed after 2 hours. If you want to remove manually, you have to click an FINISH, and than REMOVE PDF FILE.

17. May 2018, 12:16
Nadialias : Hello. I would like to rénove m'y document from your cloud. How murs i proceed?

13. May 2018, 19:26
PDFzorro : Hi Lee, you also can download the PDF if only the preview shows an error. Just click DOWNLOAD PDF on the left side on the page and qou will get an working pdf file, that you have edited.

11. May 2018, 16:20
Lee : Your program was a complete waste of time. After working for 60 minutes, when it came time to print or download, there was an "error." I tried to reload, to no avail. I will never use your programs again and will make certain no one in my company uses them again.

30. April 2018, 9:37
Mikel : Thanks!! This is a great tool!!!!

26. January 2018, 12:42
Kai That Man : This is an excellent product and for free as well. This basically replaces paper as it allows you to draw on PDFS. Thanks for the great product. G

17. January 2018, 12:27
PDFzorro : How to remove from GoogleDrive: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2500820

17. January 2018, 4:19
name : how to remove pdf zorro from Google drive

17. January 2018, 4:05
PDFzorro : Can you send us the PDF file you want to edit. Then we can reproduce the problem and fix them. info@pdfzorro.com

16. January 2018, 16:28
AD : When I finish my document and I click on download I get an error the first time, I click on top where it says that If I get an error click here and after that I get a completely white document. Is there any solution to this?

16. January 2018, 16:27
name : white

10. January 2018, 14:24
name : white

24. December 2017, 14:07
PDFzorro : PDFzorro-Team wish you a Merry X-Mas!

23. December 2017, 13:22
cladi : Supi, was man brauch,t nicht überladen, läuft sogar mit altem K-Meleon Browser - RESPEKT! ;-)

23. November 2017, 16:45
PDFzorro : Since today, our new easy to use Online PDF Editor is online. Try it out! https://www.chromepdf.com

15. November 2017, 0:54
PDFzorro : Thank you Jack! We're happy, that you like our online-pdf-editor!

15. November 2017, 0:08
Jack Sinclair : You guys rock, this is seriously the best thing ever. Thank you PDF Zorro, keep doing your thing!

10. November 2017, 10:39
PDFzorro : Bugfixes: The editor now works correct with Google Chrome, if you zoom with the PDFzorro zoom function.

27. October 2017, 12:47
PDFzorro : To convert PDF to any Office format direktly in your Google Drive, try out our new tool on www.pdf2office.net or install pdf2office from your google chrome webstore to your browser.

22. October 2017, 11:30
PDFzorro : Hello Elias, thank you for that compliment :-)

21. October 2017, 20:03
Elias : Just wanted to say I'm happy with PDFzorro, it's the first website I found that doesn't want me to pay to download my edited documents (:

6. October 2017, 13:32
PDFzorro : Hello Eurokonsultant, to directly select parts of an text, export them to Word with our export-function. When edited in word, upload the file to PDFzorro, and you will get a PDF again.

3. October 2017, 12:44
eurokonsultant : cannot find the method to select parts of text

7. September 2017, 19:47
Vattikula Ramu : Pdf edit

4. September 2017, 9:30
PDFzorro : J.P., we will try to reproduce your problem and fix it. Thanks for reporting this. Best regards, Thomas

1. September 2017, 15:47
J.P. : Hello in the zorro app for android i openeing a pdf. There i selected the page i want to delete but when it return the page is still there.

24. August 2017, 16:47
PDFzorro : PDFzorro now allows you to edit PDF files with a filesize up to 50 MB!

9. August 2017, 12:51
PDFzorro : Исправление: Начиная с сегодняшнего дня он снова можно писать с PDF редактора текста на русском языке на PDF документ.

5. August 2017, 13:01
Dmitry : The simpliest and the best program I gound! Thx a lot!

1. August 2017, 17:32
Kanata Appraisals : Very impressive tool. Will recommend. Thank you!

5. July 2017, 14:38
PDFzorro : Hello Jack, thank you for that report. Do you use Chrome Browser?

5. July 2017, 13:38
Jack : Editor does not work very good get at times. The section with the buttons "Save", "Undo", "Redo" and so on, does not show most of the time. When I crop or copy from one page to another, the first page (and sometimes the second) is not shown correctly to the left. And when selecting one of the they are blank. Many buggs in this editor.

28. June 2017, 22:11
PDFzorro : Elisa, all files on PDFzorro get automatically deleted after 2 hours. We can not recover your file at this time. Sorry! But in GoogleDrive you can managed version of your files, so you can recover it. I hope i could help you!

21. June 2017, 0:07
Elisa : My document did not download correctly to my drive. It was incomplete. But now i can't find it again to try and download it again. Where is it?

20. June 2017, 10:59
name : Huge problem: Saved the .pdf file after merging, it saved the painting and writing only, without any original slides. Any ideas?

30. May 2017, 13:08
PDFzorro : INFO: Our PDF Converter now works again. Excuse the last days when the converter did not work.

29. May 2017, 18:01
PDFzorro : Hi Tizzy, If you use the Browser Chrome, the textfield gets automatically bigger when your tipping your text. If you use an other browser, the textfield had an small button in the right down corner, there you can resize your textfield as you want. I hope this will help you.

29. May 2017, 17:57
PDFzorro : Hi Ain, sorry, we have read your comment to late. Your document gets always deleted automatically after 2 hours from the server.

24. May 2017, 23:27
Tizzy : Is there a way to widen the typing area to keep word/phases together? Vertical expansion works great but cannot expand horizontally.

24. May 2017, 3:08
ain : Hi PDFzorro, I was unable to delete my sensitive document from your server before my internet crashed. How can I contact you to get it removed from the server?

7. May 2017, 22:05
zorro24 : a pc programm would be really nice!

13. April 2017, 9:23
PDFzorro : @name: Please try out Chrome browser. There you can minimize fontsize as small as you want. Te delete old text, do not use crop function, use the "erase" button in the editor. There you can delete very small areas.

13. April 2017, 9:20
PDFzorro : @name: What browser do you use?

12. April 2017, 20:08
name : Added text cannot get small enough to match existing text

12. April 2017, 19:39
name : Cutting is not great, border is too larger for cut, keeps maximizing image size and cant see what im doing

21. March 2017, 13:38
PDFzorro : Hello Mingxi, thank you for your bugreport. We have just fixed the problem. Now it should work correctly.

21. March 2017, 10:29
Mingxi : On the upper right corner there is a button "sign in". I click, but the chrom says "400.That’s an error. Error: origin_mismatch"

21. March 2017, 10:26
Mingxi : This online pdf edtor is super nice and cool! It did help me. Already saved in my bookmarks. Thanks a lot!

20. March 2017, 21:55
PDFzorro : Info: Now PDFzorro works correct in firefox and internet explorer again. Bugs are removed.

4. March 2017, 11:44
PDFzorro : Hi Giulio, this function is not avalible, but we will think about it to add this. Thank you for this advice!

3. March 2017, 18:46
name : hipaa

2. March 2017, 22:51
Giulio : How can I apply a crop or just a black rectangle in a certain spot in all pages?

2. March 2017, 22:50
name : all pages

2. March 2017, 22:50
name : crop

15. February 2017, 21:54
PDFzorro : Hello Nic, this question i cannot answer now. I have just inform me about HIPAA.

15. February 2017, 18:45
nic : HIPAA compliant? Is PDFzorro HIPAA compliant ?

13. February 2017, 11:34
PDFzorro : UPDATE: PDFzorro ist nun auch für Smartphones und Tablets verfügbar! https://mobile.pdfzorro.com

18. January 2017, 13:45
PDFzorro : Hi Seddik, It is already planned to improve the layout of the site. if someone has suggestions for this, we are glad if these are posted here.

11. January 2017, 11:34
seddik : amazing and multiple services, thank you very much, i think that the design of the page could be better.

5. January 2017, 13:35
PDFzorro : Hi Lizzy, can you try the same PDF in Chrome or Firefox. All PDFs normally work in PDFzorro-Editor.

4. January 2017, 18:36
Lizzy : Hello, when I download my file, this one is completely white. Why?

26. December 2016, 10:42
kashif sana : Thanks A lot this is amazing .its easy to convert any format and edit PDF.....

25. December 2016, 21:14
: pdf was not found on this server

18. December 2016, 15:59
Rajiv : Thank You very much for this tools. Specially big thanks for making it free.

22. November 2016, 0:22
PDFzorro : All your privacy infos like pdf document, e-mail etc. gets automatically deleted every 4 hours. We do not give your privacy datas to others or use them for other things than edit your pdf. (Update in TERMS)

21. November 2016, 8:38
Arun : Hey, thanks for the service. Worked to quickly highlight text in my doc. Would be nice if you could add info about your privacy policy on the website

2. November 2016, 22:33
PDFzorro : Hi Ross, all documents get automatically deleted after two hours. But you also can delete your file manually after editing. If you click on the Finish/Download button, there is a button "Delete files".

1. November 2016, 12:01
ross : hi, the document that I load on the site is stored on your servers? you can permanently delete it? are private documents thank you

11. October 2016, 15:38
PDFzorro : Update: Save Button now is moved to the top of the menu.

11. October 2016, 6:38
PDFzorro : Hi larry, the save button is on the menu, where also is undo, redo, line etc., on the button. Perhaps you use an very small resolution so that the button is not.more show?

10. October 2016, 19:23
larry : when I click download , says are you sure you don not want to save first?

10. October 2016, 19:13
larry : where is the save button

21. September 2016, 21:49
Steve : This has got to be the best online pdf editor there is!

20. September 2016, 22:46
PDFzorro : Just click on the "Download/Finish" button on the left site below the PDFzorro logo. Then click "download to PC"

20. September 2016, 18:21
name : how to save to downloa

20. September 2016, 18:20
name : save

2. September 2016, 12:02
PDFzorro : UPDATE: PDFzorro now can export your pdf-file to word, excel, powerpoint, xml, html and dxf! Try it out!

2. September 2016, 10:28
Andy : Can PDFzoro create booklets for printing (imposition like http://www.imposeonline.com)

1. September 2016, 14:42
PDFzorro : Thank you, Kuldeep, for your feedback. We promise, that PDFzorro will always stay free!

13. August 2016, 9:22
Kuldeep : Thankew for the thiskepping this useful service free

1. August 2016, 13:00
PDFzorro : Hello User, if you send us a screenshot or a detailled description of your problem, we will fix it! info@pdfzorro.com

28. July 2016, 10:05

26. July 2016, 1:10
PDFzorro : Hi Zack, thank you for your comment. PDFzorro does only work with internet connection because of javascript and php.

23. July 2016, 12:49
zack : Hi PDFzorro, does your program run only on the net, or there's a version that I can download on my PC to use without internet (of course not for free). I really enjoy your service, it's exactly what I need, but I don't always have a connection

30. June 2016, 14:09
PDFzorro : Just click on the button "Finish/Download", there you can download the edited pdf file to your PC or directly save in your Google Drive.

29. June 2016, 7:45
samreen : how to save the edited pdf file ?

16. June 2016, 10:36
PDFzorro : We do not know about this problem. In what timeinterval do you have edited your pdf? You can answer us at info@pdfzorro.com

15. June 2016, 18:36
name : I was editing a 20 pages file. At the end, I clicked "Fishish/download" but I just got a white PDF. What can I do?

15. June 2016, 18:33
: I was editing a 20 pages file. At the end, I pushed "Fishish/download" but I just got a wait PDF. What can I do?

7. June 2016, 19:05
PDFzorro : Click on the download/finish buttom, the the PDF opens in the browser. In Google Chrome so you can print directly. Other browsers, perhaps you have to download the file first.

7. June 2016, 4:28

6. June 2016, 10:04
PDFzorro : Can you send us an screenshot of the error?

5. June 2016, 18:55
name : stupid site i worked on a fucking pdf an at the end i got a stupid error and all my work was in vain.

1. June 2016, 23:16
PDFzorro : Hello Umakanth. Sorry, we do not understand your problem. Can you send us your problem detailed in an email. Thank you!

31. May 2016, 6:53
umakanth076@gmail.com : Will it be automatically deleted and did i daved it or not

31. May 2016, 6:46
umakanth076@gmail.com : plz clarify it as i am getting tensed and i have used it in ubuntu.

31. May 2016, 6:45
name : plz clarify it as i am getting tensed

31. May 2016, 6:43
umakanth076@gmail.com : Hi i have saved a doument to google drive and i am unable to open it and will it be deleted or saved by you when it is closed

26. May 2016, 13:37
Jed : Wow, this site is awesome. Had to edit a pdf quick and this site has it all! Thank you!

24. May 2016, 16:18
PDFzorro : Alternativ: (from google.com) You can make an app the default for opening certain types of files. Go to drive.google.com. Click Settings . Click Manage apps. Check the box "Use by default."

24. May 2016, 16:15
PDFzorro : Here yo can read how to remove google drive apps: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2523073?hl=en

12. May 2016, 15:28
geddes : I don't like how every time I just want to open a word doc from my google drive PDFzorro tries to convert it. How do I remove this software?

2. May 2016, 11:06
PDFzorro : Hi Rakesh, you can send us suggestions on info@pdfzorro.com, if possible, we will improve interface.

2. May 2016, 8:07
Rakesh : Plz improve user interface....

27. April 2016, 0:08
PDFzorro : Hi Kandee, PDFzorro now runs fast again. Thank you for the advice. Our Server was overload - Sorry for that.

26. April 2016, 18:23
Kandee : HELP....I have been using PDF zorro for past couple days editing multiple files. Excellent product. But it is running extremely slow now. Is it something that I am doing wrong? It is taking forever to download the files and do the editing!

25. April 2016, 15:54
PDFzorro : Hi, do you use PDFzorro with GoogleDrive or do you upload the file manually. You can also contact us via email: info@pdfzorro.com

24. April 2016, 0:42
name : Hi! I edited some pdf files of mine and i always save it after but then when i try to save what ive edited, it suddenly closes and lost my file, the edited one. How can i retrieve them? Pleas help me.. been experiencing this for 3 days. Thank you

23. March 2016, 13:01

30. January 2016, 15:36
PDFzorro : You also can view our tutorial: click here

30. January 2016, 15:33
PDFzorro : When you have selected the area you want to move or copy, klick CUT oder COPY in the top of the pagepreview und move the arena with the cursor.

30. January 2016, 12:47
name : how do we move and past the object once copied

7. January 2016, 15:18
Alex : Thanks a lot. Same here, best I found on the net.

6. January 2016, 8:41
Sandra : Best online editor I have found! Thanks!!

3. December 2015, 15:46
PDFzorro : NEW: Now you can place multiple pdf pages on a sheet. Look in the advanced menu. Also you can copy page areas and paste them on an other place on page.

19. November 2015, 16:17
PDFzorro : NEW: Now you can cut and move any area of a pdf page. Try it out!

17. November 2015, 0:16
PDFzorro : NEW: You can insert any images on a page of the pdf. PDFzorro now also supports any page format (DIN A4, A3 etc..)

10. November 2015, 0:37
PDFzorro : Just click on 'Finish/Download' Button, after this you can see the Button 'Send PDF via Email'

9. November 2015, 17:49
Ralph : the program works great. How do I send the file I just modified from pdf zorro by email?

30. October 2015, 13:39
PDFzorro : PDF Editor runs now on a new server for increase speed of the online application. We hope you enjoy our service!

18. August 2015, 14:59
PDFzorro : We have so many users on pdfzorro, that the editor sometimes works slowlier. But we are searching for a new server to increase the speed of editing pdffiles!

18. August 2015, 13:08

18. August 2015, 13:07

27. July 2015, 13:09
Susanne : I like it! :-)

19. June 2015, 23:40
PDFzorro : We now support also for example polish characters with the font Freeserif. Try it out!

15. June 2015, 23:22
PDFzorro : Hi Martin. This error we dont know. Can you send us your PDF in a email? info@pdfzorro.com Then we could analyse the error.

15. June 2015, 11:27
Martin : After opening a (small) document everytime Zorro say: Server stop downloading! So I cannot use it.

20. May 2015, 10:33
PDFzorro : Thank you for the feedback, we will dio that. What file size has your PDF? Normally we allow every filesize.

20. May 2015, 2:07
Frustrated : It would be nice if you would state the maximum file size that can be uploaded and edited.

24. April 2015, 18:55
Susi : i love it!

17. April 2015, 2:34
Mark : Mir gefällts :-)

17. April 2015, 2:33
PDFzorro : Update: New Design online! We hope you like it.

10. April 2015, 21:51
PDFzorro : New: Try out our small version of the editor at pyroPDF.com

10. April 2015, 17:21
Michael : nice tool!

6. April 2015, 17:27
PDFzorro : NEW: Use our free temporary email service to prevent spam & protect your personal email. Now also in your Browser: click here

4. April 2015, 20:41
PDFzorro : Thank you Ratz, PDFzorro stay always for free! We enjoy that you like our service!

2. April 2015, 17:22
Ratz : For free its Awesome. It's an incredible tool. Marvelous one. It satisfy my needs as expected.

1. April 2015, 13:48
PDFzorro : Revyao Hadzidonkor, sorry, we dont understand your request. Please send us a email with more information. Thank you!

1. April 2015, 9:47
Revyao Hadzidonkor : I will like to deal with you, but l'm to computer system, so what is PDFzorro?

30. March 2015, 11:01
David : Thanks a lot for for this tool.

28. March 2015, 9:28
ساشائشي : ساشائشي شمه

24. March 2015, 12:42
Michael : What a incredible tool for free! Nice Zorro, Thank you so much!

13. March 2015, 19:04
PDFzorro : New for webmasters: Try out our new webmaster tool. Offer your users to edit pdf files directly from your website. Look at the link at the bottom of the page.

13. March 2015, 0:48
PDFzorro : New for developers: You can use our new API to edit pdf files for free. Look at the link at the bottom of the page.

8. March 2015, 22:39
PDFzorro : New: Now you can write and send letters as PDF per email. Try it out!

8. March 2015, 14:33
ci : a

5. March 2015, 15:21
PDFzorro : Hi Chicken, the option to delete more than one page together is included now. Look at the 'Advanced Options' in the menu.

5. March 2015, 13:49
PDFzorro : Hi Chicken, if you need only one page of the PDF you can use extract. However thank you for the comment, we will add a delete button in advanced options, where you can select more pages that should be deleted form the PDF

5. March 2015, 12:33
Chicken : Great tool, but unusable when you want to delete the first 150 pages of you document. Add a multiple page select option, please. Thanks

4. March 2015, 14:22
PDFzorro : Hi Nick, sorry, we don´t understand the problem. You can send us a email with your notes. Then we try to solve the problems. The new version this year has many improvements. More options a availible and the quality of the output pdf is much better. Also the overview over all pages on the left side is more better we think. Do you use PDFzorro on desktop? Otherwise, for tablet and mobile you can use m.pdfzorro.com

4. March 2015, 14:02
Nick : Almost everything is encountered, the delete etc! Last year it was better!!!

4. March 2015, 10:55
PDFzorro : Hi, Nick, what exactly does not work?

4. March 2015, 9:42
Nick : Please make a new update on the stand last year because their software is not working at the moment ! MFG Tank you

1. March 2015, 15:37
RT : Sure, will do. Thanks a lot!

25. February 2015, 11:00
PDFzorro : @RT: Can you send us a screenshot of your problem. We tested it now but all was ok. info@pdfzorro.com

25. February 2015, 10:23
RT : Why does the toolbar on the left of the page disappears suddenly? Hence, not being able to perform editing.

25. February 2015, 2:17
PDFzorro : Update: Email function - send pdf per email to a reciever.

24. February 2015, 4:36
eco : needed to delete a blank page, uploaded, deleted, downloaded, done :-) thx for this zorro

23. February 2015, 1:50
PDFzorro : Update: PDF security/encryption added (in advanced options).

22. February 2015, 2:14
PDFzorro : Advanced options added: Rotate all pages and Compress the PDF

21. February 2015, 20:51
Simon : works perfektly!

20. February 2015, 21:51
PDFzorro : This function is not given. We will add a button to rotate all the pages in the PDF. Thank you for your comment.

19. February 2015, 20:51
p.c@facer-ramen.be : how can I rotate more than 1 page?

18. February 2015, 20:51
PDFzorro : Update: When you save PDF back to Gdrive, you can edit the filename of the PDF

16. February 2015, 22:15
Marius : cool man!

15. February 2015, 18:01
PDFzorro : We support now xls, doc and pps files from office. They get automatically converted to PDF file. You also can upload more files. They get all converted / merged to one PDF file.

PDFzorro : When you click download, the pdf is saved on our standard download folder of your browser

Bob : Where are the pdfs saved? I don't know where to look on my PC.

PDFzorro : New Fileuploader online! You can now add multiple PDF files. They get automatically merged before editor starts.

PDFzorro : What Browser do you use? I tested now on Firefox, Google Chrome an Internet Explorer. Upload does work.

Sarah : Document will not upload

PDFzorro : Thank you for positive feedback. The button to delete the file after klicking on FINISH is now avalible again. We are engaged to make PDFzorro better on every day.

Russell : Thank you so much. You guys are great and are offering an indispensable service to loads of people. I wish you all the best!

PDFzorro : delete link wasn´t shown as a bug. File was deleted automatically after 1 hour

Russ : My file I uploaded is still available online and I want it removed instantly for privacy concerns. Please respond.

Simon : Top!

PDFzorro : New editor layout online! Try it out and upload a PDF-File!

rajendra malik : rajendra malik72@gmail.com

PDFzorro : **Update** New Version online with higher quality PDF output

PDFzorro : 333 mb filesize is to big for our system. sorry

JackT : I have tried uploading my file twice, but when it reaches 100% it disappears and I cannot edit it. It is a very large file (333mb) but all I want to do is remove the last 2 pages

name : NIC

PDFzorro : Bug is fixed

HansPDFzoro : Can\\\'t edit and save, get error when i try to save \\\"The requested URL /wPaint/http://www.pdfzorro.com/pdf2.php was not found on this server.\\\"

PDFzorro : Save files: Click the Buttom: *Save/Open completed PDF-File* in the header right of your shown pdf-pages.

PDFzorro : Add more PDF-Files: First you open one file, after uploaded this file, use the buttom + in the header of the pages to add a second PDF-File

PDFZORRO fan : Can\'t edit and save, get error when i try to save \"The requested URL /wPaint/http://www.pdfzorro.com/pdf2.php was not found on this server.\"

Jonas Bond : is it possible to insert more then one file at once ? how to do it ?

dyah_santosa@yahoo.com : i cant save my file ? how to do it ?

PDFzorro : for editing a text in a PDF file use our WORD-Editor on this website

name : opens as an image program and can add stuff, that\'s all, not actual editing as stated.

PDFzorro : Try out our new Service to write letters (inkl. Androidapp) www.PDFLetters.com

James : Man, what a great program!

Mark : works fine!

PDFzorro News: : New Android app available: ***Letters with signature*** write letters with your own signature and save or send them as PDF


PDFzorro News: : The new Android App is available now! Click the link in the header of this website.

PDFzorro : for the time is still a revision of the app for android in the works. iOS will take a little bit longer

Martina : gibt es die App auch fürs IPhone?

Guest : I have used the pdf-texteditor, very nice tool!

Michael Krabutte : Klasse Editor! Super zum Ausfüllen von Formularen welche man nicht mit PDF-Viewern bearbeiten kann!

PDFzorro : Danke für das positive Feedback!

Andreas : endlich ein werbefreier pdf Editor

Sabrina K. : klappt wunderbar